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110 E 51st Street, #1, Kansas City, MO 64112

Rental Information

Instructions & Criteria for Rental

Guarantor/Co-Signer Instructions

  • 1. The Co-signer/guarantor must complete application as if you are moving into the unit. Complete the application in full. Do not leave anything out, as we need this signed application in order to run a credit and police report on every applicant.
  • 2. Enclose a copy of co-signer’s driver’s license or other valid form of identification with social security number on it.
  • 3. Read and initial lower right corner of each page of the lease.
  • 4. Page 8 and the Guaranty page must be signed and notarized.
  • 5. The documents which must be returned to the office are:
    • the completed application
    • the entire lease-initialed, signed and notarized
    • a copy of your ID
  • 6. Return papers as soon as possible. This information must be turned into the office and approved within 72 hours of receipt of deposit. Potential tenant will not be approved for tenancy without all paperwork being returned.
  • 7. Please return all documents to:
    110 East 51st, Apt. 1
    Kansas City, Missouri